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21NewMar 115-24-10 DC Power SupplyElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. NewMar 115-24-10 Regulated Linear DC Power Supply. Designed for powering 12 and 24V DC communication/navigation equipment in commercial marine applications where reliablilty is essential. Input voltage 115 or 230V AC selected by slide switch on the front panel. 115/230VAC input, 24VDC 10A MAX output.810wilmington NC08/09/21
22NewMar Phase 3 Modular Charging SystemElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. NewMar PTMS-12-100 Phase Three Modular Charging System. Recognizing that today's complex electronics devices are subject to finite service lives and random failures, and given that modern vessels are increasingly dependent on their electronics and electrical systems for safe operation, Newmar has introduced the Phase Three Modular (PTM) Battery Chargers. The PTM charger provides a significant improvement in system reliability and serviceability by utilizing multiple independent charger modules that plug into the unit, and should a fault occur in one module, the system continues to operate, thus is considered “fault tolerant”.3695wilmington NC08/09/21
23NewMar ES-7A Elite AC Distribution Panel ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The NewMar ES-7A Elite AC Master Panel is designed for expanding the AC circuit capacity of any NewMar Elite Series panel. It can also be used as a standalone load center and boasts a 16 branch circuit capacity. The NewMar ES-7A AC Master Panel comes with a standard 50 amp AC master breaker, with 30 amps available as an option. Please note that the 50 amp master can be used on 230 VAC line-to-line systems, but 30 amp is the maximum master breaker value for 230 VAC line-to-neutral systems.679wilmington NC08/09/21
24NewMar 24-2200ic Inverter/Charger 24V 2200WElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The NewMar 24-2200IC Inverter-Battery Charger is part of NewMar's "Perfect Wave" series - a complete line of high power DC-AC inverters with built-in battery chargers. Delivering pure sinusoidal AC, the NewMar 24-2200IC Inverter-Battery Charger is designed to ensure the flawless operation of all appliances and sensitive, AC wave distortion intolerant electronics, like entertainment systems and computers. The NewMar 24-2200IC Inverter-Battery Charger makes use of field-proven, carefully refined technology, making it a reliable choice for great performance in marine applications. Its rugged, powder coated aluminum case is suitable for permanent bulkhead or horizontal mounting, and sturdy enough to stand up to even the most hostile conditions.3964wilmington NC08/09/21
25Electro Guard, Inc. Model 620BR-KitElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Quantity: 2. Electro Guard, Inc. Model 620BR-Kit Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System. Automatic Impressed Current Control and Monitoring System. This impressed current cathodic protection system provides totally automatic protection and STOPS CORROSION IN ITS TRACKS! For boats with wood or fiberglass hulls and underwater metals (Copper & it's Alloys, Stainless Steel, Lead, Etc.) to 30' LOA. Complete installation kit includes: 620 controller, two color LED display, reference cell & ceramic coated, titanium anode.1564wilmington NC08/09/21
26Electro Guard, Inc. Model 208-1 KitElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Cathodic Protection Control with Monitoring. Automatic Control Maintains Constant Protection Level - for vessels up to 45 feet LOA. These controlled sacrificial anode systems provide complete protection against galvanic corrosion on fiberglass and wood hulled boats. Monitoring allows a visual indication of system performance and early warning of stray corrosion currents from electrical faults. Caustic attack to wood at protected fittings is prevented.1101wilmington NC08/09/21
27ACME Transformer Catalog #T-1-11683ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Electrical and electronic equipment is designed to operate on standard supply voltage When the supply voltage is constantly too high or too low, (usually more than 55%), the equipment fails to operate at maximum efficiency A buck and boost transformer is a simple and economical means of correcting this off-standard voltage. More efficient. Smaller and lighter. 5-10 times increase in KVA. Versatile, many applications. Lower cost. 120 x 240 Primary Volts; 12/24 Secondary Volts; 60Hz. 247wilmington NC08/09/21
28Large Dock BoxOther / Misc8' fiberglass Dock Box. No chips or cracks. Needs polish. It has had 1 sticker on the lid for about 5 years. It has 4 rod holders under the lid (inside the box). Hinges & latch are solid. Has 6 feet that were drilled for 1/4" lag bolts when it was mounted to the dock. Very strong & we'll built.550WilmingtonNC10/09/21