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1B&G Zeus 7 RadarElectronicsThe Zeus³ 7 is a complete chartplotter navigation system for bluewater cruisers and regatta racers. This high-performance multi-function display features a 7" diagonal widescreen display, incorporating SolarMAX™ HD technology for brilliant daytime visibility and ultra-wide viewing angles.2700WilmingtonNC08/31/20
2Prestige 520 FlybridgeBoatsThis new model has inherited the strengths of her predecessor, yet she also features her own innovations. The true PRESTIGE spirit can be felt in this ingenious, top-of-the-line model. In a pure, dynamic style, the PRESTIGE 520 offers multiple zones for relaxing in comfort. First, we have the XXL Flybridge, unique on a motor yacht of 52 feet!850000WilmingtonNC09/01/20
3Yamaha Waverunner EXBoatsRuns great. 600 lbs cpacity, 13 gallon tank. 4500WilmingtonNC10/01/20
4Cape Horn Center ConsoleBoatsWith a sprawling floor plan, the 24os (offshore) creates space, leaving more room to fish. Two huge live wells (35/40 gal.) make sure you will never run out of bait. The rear seat with its removable backrest is a nice addition, and veteran anglers will appreciate the 20 rod holders located where you need them.65000WilmingtonNC08/09/21
5Viking 92CBoatsNot so long ago, many experienced tournament skippers and anglers felt a boat over 70 feet was on the cusp of being too large to effectively compete on the tournament trail. 2500000WilmingtonNC08/09/21
6NewMar ES-6D Elite DC Distribution Panel ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. NewMar ES-6D Elite DC Distribution Panel, DC Analog Ammeter. The NewMar ES-6D Elite DC Distribution Panel features a DC analog ammeter that is back lit with a dimmer and a 10 branch circuit capacity. The NewMar ES-6D can stand alone, but this panel is also an exact height match and is compatible with the ES-1 or ES-5 should you want to expand circuit capacity.497wilmington NC08/09/21
7Raymarine DownVision Sonar Module Cp100 ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The CP100 network sonar module brings CHIRP DownVision technology to Raymarine's multifunction displays. CP100's CHIRP DownVision delivers a photo like view of the world beneath your boat, allowing you to image bottom structure with amazing detail and target fish simultaneously. Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit a single frequency with each pulse, the CP100 uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies with each pulse - the result is much higher resolution, photo-like sonar images.487wilmington NC08/09/21
8Raymarine Multifunction Display C125/C127ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Product C125 model E70013. The c125 Multifunction Display is a functional 12” chartplotter with super bright sunlight viewable display. Simple to configure and to operate with Raymarines intuitive Lighthouse user interface. A super fast core processor with the addition of a powerful graphics processor ensure fast and smooth operation with seamless touch screen chart panning. Waypoints and routes can be created and edited by a few simple touches. Create custom pages by simply dragging and dropping applications the the desired location on the page. Built in Wi-Fi allows data and remote control with a smart phone or tablet. Features internal GPS2023wilmington NC08/09/21
9NewMar 32-12-15 DC-DC ConverterElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The Newmar 32-12-15 DC to DC Converter, 12 Volt Output is intended to covert 20-50 VDC to 13.6 VDC output for powering communication/ navigation equipment on negative ground systems.The 32-12-15 is ideal for powering voice, data and navigation transceivers in mobile and marine applications. Get the power you need with the 32-12-15. 382wilmington NC08/09/21
10NewMar LVD-12-30 Low Volt. DisconnectElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Quantity: 2. NEWMAR's LVD-12-30 low voltage disconnect continually monitors battery voltage then disconnects load when it senses a critical low point 12VDC, 30A MAX.224wilmington NC08/09/21
11NewMar RP PT Charger Remote PanelElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Quantity: 3. LED's indicate charger output stage. Button allows manual reinitialization of three stage charge cycle. Supplied with 25' cable and plug-in connector. Panel dimensions: 3"H x 4.75"W137wilmington NC08/09/21
12NewMar 12-12-35i DC-DC Converter ElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The NewMar 12-12-35I Isolated DC to DC Converter is designed to let you use negative ground gear with positive or floating ground battery systems. It is current limiting and short circuit proof, and features two automatic safety shutdowns for added security and reliability: automatic resetting thermal shutdown and high/low input voltage shutdown. 10-16VDC input, 13.6VDC output, 20A1182wilmington NC08/09/21
13Simrad GPS Antenna. Simrad GS-25 Module PackElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The Simrad GS25 GPS antenna is the ideal GPS for any navigator that requires extremely accurate and rapid vessel position and speed updates. Unlike other position-only antennas, the GS25 provides magnetic heading for accurate boat direction at any speed and for radar/chart overlay. The GS25 easily connects to any Simrad NS Series multifunction display or any NMEA 2000® network. It is fully waterproof and can be pole or surface mounted on any vessel. *Please note this product is not suitable for use with MARPA or autopilot systems which requires a rate compass such as the RC42. 243wilmington NC08/09/21
14NewMar 32-24-15 DC-DC ConverterElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The NewMar 32-24-15 DC to DC Converter with 24 Volt Output converts 32 - 50 VDC input to 24 VDC negative ground output and will maintain output voltage within 1%, under all line and load conditions (within ratings). The NewMar 32-24-15 features several load and converter protection circuits, including an automatic thermal shutdown and overvoltage protection. 15A.523wilmington NC08/09/21
15NewMar TCS-12/24 Temp. Comp. Sensor 12/24VElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Quantity: 2. Temperature Compensation Sensor, Model TCS 12/24, -5 mV per cell degree C, 25' cable 85wilmington NC08/09/21
16NewMar Digital Instrument AC Energy MonitorElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Model ACE-VAF110. The ACE-VAF110 provides accurate digital metering for AC Volts, Amps, Frequency and Kilowatts. Low/High Voltage, Low/High Frequency and High KW alarms are easily set. When activated, the built-in 85 dB alarm will sound and the display will flash the out-of-limit condition458wilmington NC08/09/21
17Electro-Guard, Inc. Model 620A KitElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Quantity: 8. Electro-Guard, Inc. Model 620A Kit - Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System. This impressed current cathodic protection system provides totally automatic protection and STOPS CORROSION IN ITS TRACKS! For boats with aluminum I/O drives, aluminum jet drives, large outboard motors & aluminum hulls to 30' LOA. Complete installation kit includes: 620 controller, two color LED display, reference cell & ceramic coated, titanium anode.1564wilmington NC08/09/21
18NewMar PT-MCU Phase3 Charger Monitor/ControlElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. The NewMar PT-MCU Monitor Control Unit is a Phase Three charger monitor and control unit and is designed to be used with many of the Phase Three charger models available that accept the optional battery temperature compensation sensor (TCS 12/24). The PT-MCU enhances the functionality of your charger systems by providing additional monitoring, controls, and alarms.553wilmington NC08/09/21
19Raymarine Quantum Solid-State Radar with WifiElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Raymarine Quantum Radar, by FLIR, is the next generation of marine radar featuring CHIRP pulse compression technology. Setting a new standard for compact solid state radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges. Integrated Wi-Fi and thin cabling simplifies installation plus Quantum’s energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and substantially reduced power consumption.1725wilmington NC08/09/21
20NewMar 48-24-18i Isolated DC-DC ConverterElectronicsOLD NEW STOCK. Newmar's Isolated Series of DC to DC Converters convert a source of DC current from one voltage level to a voltage which may be the same, or higher or lower than the input. Even if the input voltage varies (such as with a charging or draining battery), the output voltage remains constant. This makes them ideal for powering voltage sensitive communication/navigation or other electronics equipment. 20-56VDC input, 24.5VDC output 20A1654wilmington NC08/09/21