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Why Nautical Xchange?

After 30 years in the marine industry, I have seen it all; from the biggest luxury yachts to the smallest skiffs. However, one thing remains consistent, no matter the job: sourcing parts and specific accessories is always a challenge.

Like many, I’ve spent thousands of hours slogging through listing after unrelated listing and jumping between web pages, tracking down parts from across the globe. Even with decades of experience, it is always stressful and often difficult just to decide where to begin my search.

What we needed, I thought, was a centralized trading system, made by and for boaters. But I was unable to act upon that dream until 2017, when I went back to college and met Mason F. in our Computer Science class. There, we saw more than just a final project partner: we saw an opportunity.

In 2021, we founded Nautical Xchange out of Wilmington, North Carolina with a simple mission: to build a better boating community. Thus, we at Nautical Xchange believe that bigger is not always better. Simplicity is key and we were founded as a flat-rate company: no hidden fees and no percentages, and unlike our competitors, our site is a platform to connect buyers and sellers solely in the marine industry. We want to be the one-stop-shop for all your nautical needs, so you’ll find everything from boats to scuba gear, but you won’t have to scroll through pages of coffee tables or second hand couches here!

Simply put, we’ve narrowed our focus to better serve you, our friends, neighbors, and fellow marine enthusiasts. So please follow us on Facebook, tell your friends, and stay tuned for more features to come!

Made in North Carolina